50 Fantastic DIY Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel Ideas

50 Fantastic DIY Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel Ideas (1)

doityourzelf.com – Before this bathroom remodels project, our downstairs half bath was in need of some serious updating. The overwhelming bold red paint was the first issue we could not wait to get rid of. From there, the plan was to use budget-friendly DIY projects to give this little bathroom some farmhouse style!

The farmhouse theme is actually ideal for people on a budget because it uses so many repurposed elements! These ideas use favorite farmhouse bathroom décor items like old wood, mason jars, galvanized metal, and concrete to give your space a cozy, homey feeling. Many of these designs are as pretty to look at as they are functional so it is like getting art and a storage system in one! Because most of these projects are DIY, they are totally customizable so you can give your bathroom a farmhouse feel regardless of its size or shape!

Let’s check out 50 Fantastic DIY Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel Ideas below!

50 Best DIY Storage Design Ideas to Maximize Your Small Bathroom Space

50 Best DIY Storage Design Ideas to Maximize Your Small Bathroom Space (3)

Bathrooms are often some of the smallest and busiest spaces in our homes, so it’s easy for them to get cluttered and disorganized. When you’re trying to get yourself or your family ready in the morning, that clutter can really get your day off to a rough start. Thankfully, it doesn’t require a pricey remodel or brand new fixtures to take back your space! Just about every bathroom is only a few do it yourself projects away from a cleaner, more organized look.

Take a moment to decide what kind of storage you need most. Are extra towels taking up too much shelf space, or has your nail polish collection grown until it’s taking over the counter? What items are being stored in the bathroom, like kids’ bath toys, or cleaning products, that might make sense in another location? Once you know what kind of storage you need, play to your strengths. If you’re handy with power tools, consider adding built-in shelves to take advantage of wasted wall space, or adding extra towel racks to hang handy storage baskets. If a smaller update is more your speed, try adding pipe brackets to the inside of a cupboard door to hold hair styling tools or drawer-organizing dividers to keep makeup and nail polish corralled.

Consider also ways to introduce storage space in your bathroom in a creative way. For this reason, you need to always go as big as possible in regards to mirrors in a little bathroom. If you by chance have a little bathroom in your house, don’t consider yourself unlucky. Organizing your bathroom can be challenging.

45 DIY Toilet Paper Holder and Storage Ideas

45 DIY Toilet Paper Holder and Storage Ideas (30)

One of the important accessories that you should consider in your bathroom is the toilet paper holder. It could add a touch of style and brighten your dull bathroom. Selecting a unique and eye-catchy holder could make a huge difference to your bathroom.


Toilet paper is every person demand unless you live in among the components of the globe where people don’t utilize toilet paper whatsoever. But no person ever obtained as well ecstatic regarding toilet tissue.

Toilet paper holder is not the most glamorous fixture in the bathroom, but it is undeniably essential. Most people just put the toilet paper on a standard spindle holder mounted with two brackets on the wall.


To add a little more style to your bathroom, try to make your own toilet paper holder using the following ideas!

45 Creative DIY Towel Holder Ideas For Your Bathroom

45 Creative DIY Towel Holder Ideas For Your Bathroom (38)

No different from other rooms at home, the bathroom also needs a neat storage area to get a clean and pleasant bathroom. It doesn’t have to be expensive to make a storage area in the bathroom area, even you can make it yourself with a limited budget.

Bathroom storage ideas are important things for many of their functions and benefits. Some tools and equipment in the bathroom like toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, soap, and others need to be placed on something.

One of them is Towel Storage, Towels are things that are needed every day after bathing, exercising, and other activities. There are various ways that the stored towels look beautiful. If you don’t have too much space in the bathroom, use a simple pole attached to the side of the closet or bathroom sink. Besides not taking up a lot of space, this way you can always take a towel easily.

Generally we have several towels with several sizes, and certainly will spend a lot of space or storage, especially if there are many other family members at home. You can save space by making a storage place from rattan baskets or baskets from other synthetic materials. The material you need is a rattan basket box with 3 sizes, you can get a cheap price if you buy it at the rattan craft center. Another material that is needed is a large size nail, you can buy it in a building shop.