30 Creative DIY Rustic Wall Decor Ideas for Your Home

30 Creative DIY Rustic Wall Decor Ideas for Your Home (1)

doityourzelf.com – Rustic style highlights natural beauty, the art of repurposing old materials and simple earthy colors. If you want to add some rustic touches to your home, we have some awesome wall decorations for you that you can copy or use to generate your own ideas.

Lately, we’ve seen an increase in popularity for rustic wall decor as a general trend, with a focus on decorations and accent pieces made of reclaimed wood. Items such as wall-mounted shelves, framed pictures, hanging signs or anything that has a retro vibe have the wonderful ability to make space appear more warm and welcoming and to create a familiar and comfortable ambiance.

Many of these ideas started with items that were around the house and were repurposed. Some items were provided by family and friends who were not using them or were going to dispose of them. Other items were garage sale or other finds. It just proves the old saying: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. These repurposed finds have certainly been turned into beautiful wall decorations.

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36 Creative DIY Wall Bedroom Decor Ideas That Unique and Beautiful

36 Creative DIY Wall Bedroom Decor Ideas That Unique and Beautiful (1)

doityourzelf.com – Plain walls make the space impersonal and boring, so decorating them somehow or adding some accents is a must to make your space more eye-catchy. Bedrooms are among the most important spaces because there we spend a lot of time, decorating bedroom walls is necessary to give them a cool look. You can make accent walls covered with stone, wood or just painted, wall murals, artworks of various kinds and looks and gallery walls. We’ve gathered the most awesome ideas you may go for, let’s have a look at them.

So, it needs a good plan when it comes to decorating your bedroom. You can start by deciding what kind of color, style, or decoration that you would like to have for your walls. Some options are definitely there to confuse you, though.

But you should remain calm and make up your mind, then choose one that would look good for the bedroom and make you feel satisfied with the result. You can buy store-bought decoration or wallpapers.

But I believe that a DIY decoration would make it even better as you can mix and match it yourself. From choosing the material and deciding how big the size it should be, you can simply adjust it to come up with your expectations.

50 Fantastic DIY Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel Ideas

50 Fantastic DIY Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel Ideas (1)

doityourzelf.com – Before this bathroom remodels project, our downstairs half bath was in need of some serious updating. The overwhelming bold red paint was the first issue we could not wait to get rid of. From there, the plan was to use budget-friendly DIY projects to give this little bathroom some farmhouse style!

The farmhouse theme is actually ideal for people on a budget because it uses so many repurposed elements! These ideas use favorite farmhouse bathroom décor items like old wood, mason jars, galvanized metal, and concrete to give your space a cozy, homey feeling. Many of these designs are as pretty to look at as they are functional so it is like getting art and a storage system in one! Because most of these projects are DIY, they are totally customizable so you can give your bathroom a farmhouse feel regardless of its size or shape!

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46 Creative DIY Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

46 Creative DIY Small Kitchen Storage Ideas (1)

doityourzelf.com – Do you have a tiny kitchen and lots of things to store? We feel your pain. Stuff seems to multiply out of nowhere, yet your kitchen isn’t getting any bigger. No need for a remodel, you can create space in your kitchen using some clever tricks! Check out these clever storage ideas for your kitchen, and prepare to revel in all your extra storage space.

Your walls can hold more than you think they can. (Think: pots, pans, and even canisters that can hold utensils.) Instead of hanging a couple of more limiting shelves, try a pegboard, which adds very flexible storage space that can be adjusted over time as your needs change.

The tops of your cabinets offer prime real estate for storage. Way up there, you can stash special-occasion serving platters and even extra pantry supplies that you don’t need all that frequently. You can use wire bins to corral her supplies without making space feel too cluttered.

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60 Easy and Brilliant DIY Storage Ideas For Small Bedroom

60 Easy and Brilliant DIY Storage Ideas For Small Bedroom (1)

Having a small bedroom is not in any way a bad thing, it just means that you have to be far smarter with your layout and organization. Especially if you have way too much stuff, like me.

I love researching different ways to store all my bits and bobs, whether that be tiny items like jewelry or bigger bulkier items like spare bedding. As a total believer that a clear space makes for a clear mind, I am ready to convert my small area into an organizational haven.

Under-bed storage is so unbelievably handy. If you’re toying with the idea of getting a single bed to save space, rest assured that you can stick to a double if you use the space beneath it effectively.

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55 Inspiring DIY Farmhouse Decor Ideas On A Budget

55 Inspiring DIY Farmhouse Decor Ideas On A Budget (6)

Originally, farmhouses were decorated with whatever was handy and practical. These days more thought tends to go into decorating in farmhouse style, but practicality is still an important factor. Nothing should be too delicate or precious. Instead, items should be hardy while still maintaining some sophistication and style. Also, a home decorated in this style should consist of hand-me-downs and flea market finds combined with newer pieces.

On a budget doesn’t always mean cheap, it simply means that you have an allotted amount to spend. That should be considered when choosing items for your room. You can still have the flexibility to choose a pricier piece but it may mean that you sacrifice elsewhere and choose inexpensive items for the remainder of the design. You get the picture.

For instance, craft show items and reproduction nostalgia designed to look “country” can be fun if it’s just one or two items but put too many of them in a room and it will instantly look corny. Instead, check out flea markets and antique shows for items with real nostalgic value. Find an old bar cart to display some books or accessories; an antique armoire makes a great coat closet or pantry for your kitchen; vintage apple-picking ladders are great for hanging quilts or tea towels. Add some real vintage pieces and you’ll create instant character.

70 Beautiful DIY Colorful Bedroom Design Ideas and Remodel

70 Beautiful DIY Colorful Bedroom Design Ideas and Remodel (1)

Want to wake up a sleepy bedroom color scheme with some bold color? Let us inspire you to add a bright burst of block color or pattern to your bedroom with our colorful bedroom ideas. Choosing a bedroom color scheme is important when deciding how you want your personal bolthole to make you feel. This may be reflecting a love of color, a love of bright colors, opulent tones, or whites and neutrals.

Look to design trends when it comes to planning and prepping your scheme. Colour is the easiest and most effective way of instantly creating a mood for every room in your home. Get it right, and you could be on to a winner. A well-thought-out theme will help see you through from start to finish when designing a room. Turn your room into a tropical hideaway that will make you feel like you’re on a secluded island all year round. Combine multiple tropical tones to enhance a chilled out feel and add a hammock for a playful addition to a bedroom corner.

Parrot prints, hot-pink botanicals, and ocean-blue walls all contribute to the theme, but a hammock is the true pièce de résistance in this fabulous scheme. Trailing indoor plants create the feel of a jungle, too. Where could be better for a spot of me-time?

50 Best DIY Storage Design Ideas to Maximize Your Small Bathroom Space

50 Best DIY Storage Design Ideas to Maximize Your Small Bathroom Space (3)

Bathrooms are often some of the smallest and busiest spaces in our homes, so it’s easy for them to get cluttered and disorganized. When you’re trying to get yourself or your family ready in the morning, that clutter can really get your day off to a rough start. Thankfully, it doesn’t require a pricey remodel or brand new fixtures to take back your space! Just about every bathroom is only a few do it yourself projects away from a cleaner, more organized look.

Take a moment to decide what kind of storage you need most. Are extra towels taking up too much shelf space, or has your nail polish collection grown until it’s taking over the counter? What items are being stored in the bathroom, like kids’ bath toys, or cleaning products, that might make sense in another location? Once you know what kind of storage you need, play to your strengths. If you’re handy with power tools, consider adding built-in shelves to take advantage of wasted wall space, or adding extra towel racks to hang handy storage baskets. If a smaller update is more your speed, try adding pipe brackets to the inside of a cupboard door to hold hair styling tools or drawer-organizing dividers to keep makeup and nail polish corralled.

Consider also ways to introduce storage space in your bathroom in a creative way. For this reason, you need to always go as big as possible in regards to mirrors in a little bathroom. If you by chance have a little bathroom in your house, don’t consider yourself unlucky. Organizing your bathroom can be challenging.

60 Cute DIY Bedroom Design and Decor Ideas for Kids

60 Cute DIY Bedroom Design and Decor Ideas for Kids (1)

What did your room look like when you were a kid? We’re guessing not exactly like these colorful, creative, and undeniably cool spaces. The bedrooms of these uber stylish children are lessons injudicious editing, inspired ideas, and damn good taste.

Designing a playful kids bedroom seems a little bit difficult for some parents. In fact, understanding the kids’ characters is the main key in designing their bedrooms. Besides that, to match the room style with the whole style of the house is another big homework to do considering the style and interest, as well as the affordability of the furniture, might be additional issues.

But don’t worry. In this article, we will show you some of the best kids bedroom ideas that will give your beloved children a comfortable sleeping environment. Besides that you can do it yourself (DIY), so check out 60 Cute DIY Bedroom Design and Decor Ideas for Kids below!

35 Cozy DIY Living Room Design and Decor Ideas

35 Cozy DIY Living Room Design and Decor Ideas (21)

The living room is the social center of most homes. No doubt yours sees plenty of use. That’s all the more reason to dedicate some extra time toward making it amazing. Whether you’re on a tight budget or just enjoy doing things yourself, there are hundreds of surprisingly sophisticated DIY projects out there for aspiring amateur designers.

The following gallery includes floor-to-ceiling DIY living room decorating ideas. And we literally mean floor to ceil. We’ve got projects for floor vases, side tables, footstools, lighting, and signs. If you’re looking for a quick fix for a small bare spot, we’ve got awesome wall art concepts that can be completed in a few minutes. If you’re feeling more ambitious, the gallery also includes big-picture projects like a faux fireplace and a wood-paneled accent wall. While the finished products are professional level, most of them require only a few simple tools and a limited skill set.

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