40 Easy DIY Mounted Craft Paper Roll

40 Easy DIY Mounted Craft Paper Roll (1)

doityourzelf.com – There’s a fun trend of paper rollers that you hang on the wall and you can make your own art. When it came time to work on our playroom, I thought one would be so cute! I could use the paper for art time with my son. Plus, I could draw cute quotes between using the paper for crafts.

The main elements of this roller are the wooden shelf brackets. Start by marking on them where the dowel goes. Essentially, you’re making an oversized paper towel dispenser and are marking the cylinder that holds that paper on.

This was a super simple under-30 minute DIY project that isn’t just for craft rooms – a wall-mounted paper roll would also be fun in a kids room, kitchen, or home office. I simply took two screw eyes that are a little greater than 1″ in diameter on the inside and screwed them into the wall about 18-3/4″ apart.

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