30 Awesome DIY Wood Hearts Ideas

30 Awesome Wood Hearts DIY Ideas (16)

Is your space all set up with the perfect furniture, but still feels kind of vanilla? Do you live in a modern tract home with big, impossible walls to fill? Are you having trouble deciding what size or type of wall decor to choose or how to hang pictures?

For most of these projects, all you need is wood remnants, wood glue and for a few of these, a little glitter. But some of these projects do go a bit beyond the basics. Use these crafts as an opportunity to develop your skills, spend time with your significant other and explore new creative outlets. Looking for some DIY decorations for Valentine’s Day? If you want some Valentine hearts to hang on your front door then this is the Valentine decoration you’re looking for. Get creative with this DIY decor that will be your next craft project this “Heart’s Day!”

I feel like my kiddos’ rooms are always a work in progress. While they may be done, for the most part, I find I’m always tweaking and changing and adding extra pieces as I find them or make them. Reagan’s room pays homage to all things girly and dance-obsessed. The walls are painted a pale pink and have ballerina accents throughout. When I found this sweet barn wood style heart, I knew it would be a perfect match for Reagan’s room. This DIY wood heart adds a little extra love to her decor.

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