30 Fantastic DIY Hanger Ideas from Wooden Pallets

30 Fantastic DIY Hanger Ideas from Wooden Pallets (1)

doityourzelf.com – Actually, wooden pallets may just be the best thing I ever discovered. I learned basic woodworking skills once I realized that with a few basic techniques and an endless supply of free wood via upcycled pallets, I could make my own furniture dreams come true, one piece at a time.

Up until this year, I had only made a few pallet signs and a coffee table, but after seeing my best friends’ awesome sofa and outdoor bar made from pallets, I realized I really could and should do so much more. From shelves and storage to benches and boot racks, I collected some of the best pallet furniture projects around so I could share them with you.

Here are hanger ideas that made of wooden pallets, scroll to check out my gallery, enjoy!

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